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Good-bye dear one. 

Saying “good-bye” is one of the hardest things about life. Today Asha House had to say “good-bye” to Akash, the little one who has made Asha House his home since before he was born. The government came and took Akash to a government orphanage about five hours away in Harayana. 

The sad part to this story is that Akash is loosing his family, and his Asha Family is loosing him. 

But every cloud has a silver lining. 

At this new orphanage we have been told that it is possible for Akash to be legally adopted. Because he is still very young and is quite a hansom little man. He will have a pretty good chance of being placed with a family quickly. (note: Because of the Hague Convention you are not allowed in India to pick out the child you want to adopt. Your agency would find a good match for your situation and you can either say “yes” or “no” to your agency’s choice. So it is not likely that if you wanted to adopt Akash that you would be able to chose him specifically.) 

It is exciting to think of Akash going to a family where he can be given more personal attention and care. Please pray with us that Akash will be chosen soon and that his adoption case will go through quickly (I have known some cases in India to drag on for 5+ years). Pray that the family he goes to will love Akash well, and that they will be people who love and serve Jesus Christ. 

After reading this you are probably wondering why Akash was taken and why can’t Asha House adopt their children out. Both of these things come back to financial support.

Akash was taken because there has not been stable support coming in to Asha House over the past year. The government has deemed that with the funding they currently have Asha House can only support so many children. Akash was one too many. If there was more consistent support coming in Akash (as well as the six other children who went to new homes over the past few months) would not have had to go. 

Asha House is not an organization that can be adopted from because they do not have the legal system set up. The first step to this would be to have a permanent address (i.e. purchase land). Only after Asha House has purchased land could they begin the process of filing to become an adoption center. (note: Only some of the children at Asha House could ever be adopted because many of them still have parents and families.) They have had their eye on a piece of land for some time, but the problem is that land in New Delhi, the capital of India, comes at a steep price. Again it comes back to finances. But as the psalmist says, our God “owns the cattle on a thousand hills.”

Impossible is nothing. 

Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of Asha House. Even a consistent $10 a month makes a difference.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" Gandhi


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” Martin Luther King Jr. 

Happy Diwali- the Indian festival of lights


Sweet babies napping at our project in India. The sweet peaceful sleep of knowing that they are projected from the dangers of human-trafficking and and promised a future and a hope!  


Again we LOVE the Sevenly shirts this week! Get one and help the fight against Human-Trafficking, but do remember to save some room in that closet for a BTTR shirt. They are going to be fantastic once they are printed! 


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It is so exciting to see what Picture Change is up too! I love the heart behind their work. Keep it up! 


Sometimes I am struck through the heart when I think of what my @picturechange girls have been through, but then I look in their eyes & see the fierce strength & desire for life which humbles and inspires me. They do not allow themselves to be called ‘victim’ any longer. Empowerment. Redemption. Beauty. Woman. Love. They teach me these new definitions of themselves daily. (Taken with Instagram)

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Let our @picturechange students (@freedomfirm girls) choose where we went for photo class today. They chose a home for mentally handicapped children that we do horse therapy w/ on Saturdays. It was actually a bit difficult to be there, especially when one little girl kept begging me to untie her hands which were bound behind her. I couldn’t because apparently she would become violent & they are so understaffed that binding is the only solution. The girls were phenomenal, both photographing & playing with the kids. Nothing phased them, and even though we were in a small, hot, urine smelling room w/ 30 of these kids, I was able to follow their example & keep my cool & play too. I never cease to be in awe of our students. (Taken with Instagram)

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Music Tuesday brought to you by Aradhna’s new album Sapna

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